Even though you found us on the Web, we like to think our service is better than in a store (and way better than ebay). Here is how . . .

Our Goal . . .

We want you to share our enthusiasm for meteorites. In these pages you can learn some of the science, lore, and history of meteorites. Meteorite collecting is a great hobby. Meteorites are great in the classroom to get students excited about science.

Our Guarantee . . .

You must be satisfied--always. If for any reason, you decide that you do not want a meteorite that you have purchased from The Meteorite Market, you may return it (undamaged) for a full refund ten days from now--or ten years from now--any time. Of course we guarantee that the meteorites we sell are authentic. (Returns on consingment items and dealer sales are limited to 15 days from receipt--sorry.)

Our Customers Think Our Service Is Great . . .Why?

  • They talk to us, get to know us, ask us questions.
  • We listen, help them develop their interest in meteorites, help them find information.
  • We have a great product--one made by Mother Nature herself.

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  • E-mail is best. We answer it several times a day and we check it when we are on the road too--unless we are somewhere really remote.
  • You can call on the phone--1-907-723-9895. Remember we are in Pacific Time--that is three hours earlier than the east coast of the USA. (If you call us at 8:00am New York time, it will be 5:00am here and we won't be answerinng.
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  • Or just send an e-mail telling us what you are interested in.
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