The Story and People Behind the Meteorite Market

[Apologies to our readers . . . I will update this someday, I promise!]

The Meteorite Market is the family business of Eric and Janeann Twelker. Beginning in 1972, Eric worked for 13 years as a mining exploration geologist. In the mid 1980's he received a law degree from the University of Denver. He practiced in the area of public land and natural resources for a few years and then worked for about ten years on the Exxon Valdez oil spill litigation. The ups and downs of work on that case allowed the time to develop this business. Eric acquired the first inventory and wrote the first code for this site in 1995. Janeann has worked as a geologist and teacher. She now works as a special education teacher in the Juneau Schools as well as filling in for The Meteorite Market when Eric travels. Our sons Evan and Karl don't do much meteorite work any more as their studies have drawn them away from the business. Here is a family photo taken December 26, 2004:

Eric Twelker is on the right. He enjoys running, cross country skiing, hiking, reading, and working on his wild geology theories. Here is an interview that the Meteorite Times did with Eric. (click on "Meteorite People" on the left). He spends most of his time working on the Meteorite Market, but does a little law practice and works some as a consulting geologist as well. Here is his résumé. Here is his personal website. [Update: In 2014, we moved to a small farm in Port Townsend, Washington. The law practice and geology consulting are done. I am now a farmer-meteorite dealer.]

Janeann Twelker, next in line, is a former geologist and special education teacher in the Juneau Schools. She enjoys running, hiking, cross-country skiing, making pottery, and tending her garden. [Update: Janeann retired from teaching in 2014 and is now the chief farmer at Etta's Farm.]

Karl Twelker (second from the left) is the youngest--he is now twenty-three. He was valedictorian at Juneau-Douglas High School in 2003 and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Middlebury College 2007 where he studied physics among other things. He will enter the doctoral program in physics at Stanford University in the fall of 2007. Karl has worked on laser fusion and dark matter research projects at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and on a dark matter project at the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Padova, Italy. He is fluent in Italian and loves everything (or most things) Italian. He enjoys running, sailing, and bicycle racing. [Update: Karl, now 31, received his PhD in Physics from Stanford in 2014 and in 2014, we welcomed Susannah Dickerson Twelker (PhD Stanford Physics, 2014) into our family. Karl works as a staff scientist at WiTricity Corporation and Susannah is a post-doc at Harvard.]

Evan Twelker is the tall skinny one on the left--he is twenty-five now. He graduated valedictorian at Juneau-Douglas High School in 2000 and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Middlebury College in 2004. He seems to be following his parents into mining exploration geology. He recently completed and successfully defended his Masters thesis at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and will receive his degree later this summer (2007). He is now employed as a geologist for NovaGold Resources. He enjoys sailing, mountain climbing, back country and cross country skiing, playing his mandolin and bicycling. [Update: Evan, now 33, made a timely exit from the mining industry and now works for the Alaska Geological Survey where is a well regarded geologist. In 2015, we welcomed Fleur Nicklen into the family. Fleur is a botanist with the National Park Service and a doctoral student at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.]

From here if you had a good telescope you could almost see our house sort of above Evan's head. [Update: you can't see our farm in this photo.]

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