NWA060 CK5 Carbonaceous Chondrite Meteorites for Sale

Location: Unknown. Meteorite was purchased at Erfoud, Morocco.

Found: ?

Type: Carbonaceous Chondrite CK5

Description from Meteoritical Bulletin No. 85 (2001): A mass of 605 grams was purchased from Moroccan dealers at Erfoud. Mineralogy: Fa30.3

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# NWA060|1-946 # NWA060|2-636 # NWA060|3-658 # NWA060|5-246 # NWA060|6-040
Weight: 1.946 gm Weight: 2.636 gm Weight: 3.658 gm Weight: 5.246 gm Weight: 6.040 gm
Features: Slice Features: Slice Features:End. Features: Slice Features: Slice
sold sold $237 sold sold

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