Chondrite Meteorites for Sale

There are two types of stony meteorites, CHONDRITES and ACHONDRITES. On this page you will find Chondrites.


  • Chondrite (n) A type of meteorite containing mineral spheres called chondrules. Most Chondrites are believed to originate in the asteroids that orbit the Sun between Jupiter and Mars. Chondrites contain between 2 and 21 percent iron-nickel metal.
  • Chondrule (n) Millimeter-sized mineral spheres found in stony chondrite meteorites. Chondrules are formed by re-melting of mineral grains in the solar nebula.
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  • Chondrites are divided into several groups:

    There are
    See our
    Type Table.

    Ordinary Chondrites

    The Ordinary Chondrites are arranged with higher iron meteorites first. Meteorites designated H have between 15 and 19% iron-nickel metal. Those designated L have between 1 and 10% iron-nickel metal. Those designated LL have between 1 and 3% iron-nickel metal. To find out more, visit our type table.

    Within the H, L and LL categories, less altered meteorites are listed first. (Meteorites that have been less altered in space have more visible chondrules.) Those types that end with the number 3 have the least alteration and the most visible chondrules. Those that end with the number 6 have the most alteration and the least visible chondrules.


    H Chondrites (15-19% metal, 25-30% total iron)

    Bassikounou, Mauritania

    • Classification: H5
    • Weathering Grade: W2
    • Shock :Stage: S1
    • Find November 1996
    Price: $2 per gram.


    Chergach, Mali

    • Classification: H5 ordinary chondrite
    • Fell July 2 or 3 2007
    Price: $3 per gram.


    small zag

    El Hammami, Mauritania

    • Classification: H5 ordinary chondrite
    • Weathering Grade: W0/1
    • Very fresh
    Price: $3 per gram.

    Zag,Western Sahara or Morocco

    • Classification: H3-6 Chondrite regolith breccia
    • Weathering Grade: W0/1
    • Shock :Stage: S3
    • Witnessed fall 1998, August 4 or 5.
    • Water was found it halite crystals in this meteorite.
    Price: $3 per gram.

    Gao, Burkina Faso

    • Classification: H5 Chondrite
    • Witnessed fall 1960, March 5.
    Price: from about $1/g

    Jilin, China

    • Classification: H5 Chondrite
    • Witnessed fall, 1976, March 8.
    Temporarily unavailable. Waiting to be cut.



    Juancheng, China

    • Classification: H5 ordinary chondrite
    • Witnessed fall, February 15, 1997.
    Price: About $20 per gram

    Kabo, Nigeria

    • Classification: H4 ordinary chondrite
    • Witnessed fall, April 25, 1971.
    Price: About $20 per gram

    Portales Valley, New Mexico, USA

    • Classification: H6 Chondrite
    • Witnessed fall, 1976.
    Temporarily unavailable

    Other H Chondrites Available:

    L Chondrites (1-10% metal, 20-23% total iron)

    DAG 477, Sahara Desert

    • Classificaiton: L6 Chondrite
    • Quite fresh and a good deal.
    • Found 1998
    Price: Less than $2/g.

    NWA 869, Sahara Desert

    • Type: L3-6 Chondrite
    • Found ?
    Price: $15 and up--
    individuals, fragmens, ends, and slices.

    NWA 5490, Sahara Desert

    • Type: L3.8 Unequilibrated Chondrite
    Price: ~$4/g

    NWA 5667, Sahara Desert

    • Type: L3 Chondrite
    • Very Fresh
    Price: ~$20/g

    Saratov, Russia

    • Type: L4 Chondrite
    • Shock :Stage: S2
    • Witnessed fall 1918, September 6
    • Great Chondrules.
    Price: ~$3/g

    Gold Basin, Arizona

    • Type: L4 Chondrite
    • Weathering Grade: W2-3
    • Found 1995
    Price: ~$1.50 per gram

    SAU 001, Oman

    • Type: L4/5 Chondrite
    • Found 2000
    Price: ~$1.50 per gram

    Etter, Texas, USA

    • Type: L5 Black Chondrite
    • Shock :Stage: S5
    • Found 1965.
    Price: ~$2.50 per gram

    Goronyo, Nigeria

    • Type: L4 Chondrite
    Price: ~$2/g

    Suizhou, China

    • Type: L6 Chondrite
    • Witnessed fall 1986, April 15
    Price: $4.50/g

    Other L Chodrites Available:

    LL Chondrites (1-3% metal, 19-22% total iron)

    NWA 7676, Sahara Desert

    • Type: LL3.5 Unequilibrated Chondrite
    • Weathering Grade: W1
    • Shock :Stage: S2
    • Found 2010

    NWA 7936, Sahara Desert

    • Type: LL3.15 Unequilibrated Chondrite
    • Weathering Grade: W1/2
    • Shock :Stage: S2
    • Found 2012
    • Possible pair to Begaa (NWA 4910)
    Price: ~$15 per gram.

    Kilabo (Hadejia), Nigeria

    • Type: LL6 Chondrite
    • Witnessed fall, July 21, 2002
    Price: $7 per gram.

    Other LL Chondrites

    Carbonaceous Chondrites

    These meteorites contain free carbon. Meteorites are listed in order of type. The type refers to a specific named "type" fall. See our type table for an explanation.

    Tagish Lake, British Columbia, Canada

    • Type: CI2(?)
    • Witnessed Fall, 2000, January 18.
    • Most primitive matter know to man
    • We have the biggest and best specimens
    Price: Specimens from $20-sky's the limit.

    NWA 6604, Sahara Desert

    • Type: CK4
    • Found 2006
    Price: $25 per gram.
    from ~$10

    Allende, Mexico

    • Type: CV3.2 Oxidized
    • Witnessed Fall, 1969, February 8
    • Shock Stage S1
    Price: from $15 per gram
    from ~$25

    NWA 3118, Sahara Desert

    • Type: CV3
    • A classic

    Price: $15 per gram
    from about $15

    NWA5491, Sahara Desert

    • Type: CV3
    • Found 2007

    Price: $7 per gram
    from about $25

    NWA 801, Morocco

    • Type: CR2
    • Found 2001
    Price: about $70 per gram

    DHO 1432, Oman

    • Type: CR2
    • Found 2006
    Price: about $50 per gram

    NWA 7184, Sahara desert

    • Type: CR2
    • Found 2006
    Price: about $20 per gram

    Dar al Gani 749, DAG190, Libya

    • Type: CO3
    • Found 1999
    Price: ~$7.5 per gram.

    Moss, Norway

    • Type: CO3
    • Fell July 14, 2006
    Price: from $26

    Gujba, Nigeria

    • Type: Bencubbinite
    • Witnessed Fall, 1984, April 3
    • We brought this meteorite to the world and
      we have the best specimens.
    Price: $50/g

    NWA1465, Sahara Desert

    • Type: C3 (ungrouped)
    Price: ~$8 per gram.

    Other Carbonaceous Chondrites Available:

    Enstatite Chondrites

    Enstatite chondrites contain the mineral enstatite. These are very rare and we have only one.

    Sahara 97072, Sahara Desert

    • Type: EH3 Enstatite Chondrite
    • Very fresh
    • Found 1997
    From about $50

    Al Haggounia, Sahara Desert

    • Type: EL3 Enstatite Chondrite
    • Very weathered
    • Found 2006
    From $10

    Rumuruti Chondrites

    NWA753, Africa

    • Type: R3.9 Rumuruti Chondrite
    • Found 2000
    Price: ~$40/g

    NWA4814, Africa

    • Type: R4 Rumuruti Chondrite
    • Found 2006
    Price: ~$20/g

    NWA6145, Africa

    • Type: R5 Rumuruti Chondrite
    • Very fresh
    • Found 2009
    Price: ~$100/g

    About Meteorite Names

    With a few exceptions, meteorites take the name of the place where they fell or were found. For example, the Canyon Diablo meteorite was found near Canyon Diablo, Arizona, the Allende meteorite fell near the town of Allende in Mexico, the Sikhote-Alin meteorite fell in the Sikhote-Alin mountains of Russia, and so on.

    "Finds" and "Falls"

    When people see a meteorite fall it is called a "fall". When they do not see it fall but recognize it on the Earth, it is a "find".

    Why are so many of the stony meteorites on this page "falls"?

    Stony meteorites look similar to ordinary rocks. Even though about 95% of the meteorites that fall are stony, they are a minority of those found. Unless someone sees them fall, it takes an expert to spot one. That is why these are all "falls."

    To see our meteorite classification table and learn about the types of meteorites, click here.

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