How to Identify a Meteorite
(The Shape: Is it shaped like a meteorite?)

Most people think that shape is the most important determinant of whether a rock is a Meteorite.

They are wrong. Almost any shape can be a meteorite.

Here are some meteorite shapes:

Meteorites are often squarish.
They can be weird.
They are non-descript--but most often have rounded corners.
They can look like shrapnel.
Some you would never guess.

Here are things that people think are shaped like meteorites, but are not meteorites. These don't bear that much resemblance to the rocks above.

I have never seen a spherical meteorite. This is a moki marble.
Pyrite concretions are probably the rock most commonly mistaken for meteorites.
This is a silica nodule. You can tell by now that I don't like spheres.


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