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Location: Tagish Lake (between Carcross and Atlin) British Columbia, Canada (59° 42' 16"N, 134° 12' 5"W)

Fell: 2000 January 18, 08:43:42 pst (16:43:42 ut, 7:43 Alaska Time)

Type: C2 (ungrouped)

Description: A brilliant fireball followed by loud detonations was widely observed over the Yukon Territory and northern British Columbia.  The fireball was also detected by satellites in Earth orbit.  Dust clouds from terminal fragmentation events were widely observed.  Jim Brook recovered several dozen meteorites totaling ~ 1 kg on the ice of Taku Arm, Tagish Lake, on January 25 and 26 (coordinates of first find given above).  Between April 20 and May 8, ~ 500 additional specimens were located on the ice of Taku Arm and a small, unnamed lake 1.5 km to the east, but only ~ 200 were retrieved as many had melted down into the ice making their collection time consuming; recovery was prioritized based on meteorites' mass and degree of disaggregation.  The total mass collected was between 5 and 10 kg.  The strewnfield is at least 16 × 3 km, oriented approximately S30° E.  Classification and mineralogy (M. Zolensky, JSC; M. Grady, NHM):  possibly CI2 group; a matrix-dominated chondrite, with a few small chondrules, CAIs, and isolated grains; matrix mainly phyllosilicates, Fe-Ni sulfides and magnetite, with abundant Ca-Mg-Fe carbonates; olivine, Fa0–29, PMD = 2%, with a peak at Fa1; pyroxene, Fs1–7, PMD = 2%, with a peak at Fs2; bulk C content 5.4 wt%, with δ13C = +24.3‰; shock stage, S1.  Oxygen isotopes (R. Clayton, UChi):  δ18O = +18.0–19.0‰, δ17O = 8.3–9.2‰. 

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Here's some information on the Tagish Lake site. We went up there and attempted to find some--but couldn't.
These meteorites were exported from Canada under Cultural Property Export Permit
(Specimens are on consignment)

Note Regarding These Speicimens: The specimens for sale on this page were collected from the ice of Tagish Lake by a team from the University of Calgary and the University of Western Ontairo in the April 20 - May 8 period referenced above.

Link to Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

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Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
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#TAG-126 # TAG-1342 # TAG-1712 # TAG-610 # TAG7-473
Weight: 126 mg Weight: 134 mg Weight: 171 mg Weight: 610 mg Weight: 7.473g
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# TAG9-005 # TAG16-133
Weight: 9.005 g Weight: 16.020g
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