For Sale IconNWA 725 Winonaite (Acaplucoite?) Meteorites for Sale

Location: Morocco 30º36'N 4º3'W

Found: 2000, July 4

Type: This meteorite was originally classified as an Acapulcoite (ACAP) Achondrite. Recent oxygen isotope studies show that it plots in the Winonaite field and should be reclassified. This is controversial in the meteorite community. See David Weir's website for more explanation on this meteorite and the classification issues:

Description: Fa6.1 Fs7.5 CPX: Wo46Fs3.1En50.9. TKW: 3824, 11 pieces. From Meteoritical Bulletin 85.

Link to Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

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# NWA725-4-6 #NWA725-5-2 # NWA725-5-3 # NWA725-6-7 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
Weight: 4.6 gm Weight: 5.2 gm Weight: 5.3 gm Weight: 6.7 gm
Features: Full slice. Features: Full slice. Features: Full slice. Features: Full slice.
Price: sold sold sold sold

# NWA725-7-946
Weight: 7.946 gm
Features: Slice.