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Location: Sahara Desert, exact location unknown.

Found: Purchased, 2019 April.

Classification: Lunar (troctolitic melt rock)

Description: A single light gray stone (280 g) with visible vesicles and light brown weathering products on one side. The fresh interior is composed predominantly of vesicular melt rock which contains some clast-like regions of coarser grained melt rock. Petrography : (A. Irving, UWS and P. Carpenter, WUSL ) Very fine-grained (grainsize up to 5 µm), microvesicular melt-textured specimen composed predominantly of anorthite plus subordinate olivine and accessory pigeonite, augite, chromite (exhibiting zoning from Ti-bearing cores to Ti-free rims), troilite and pyrrhotite. No intact clasts were observed anywhere in the entire 5 cm diameter slice examined by microprobe imaging, but there are sporadic coarser-grained (up to 40 µm) melt-textured regions. Geochemistry : Anorthite (An 97.2-97.7 Or 0.0 , N = 2), olivine (Fa 24.9-35.5 , FeO/MnO = 77-99, N = 6), magnesian olivine core (Fa 19.0 , FeO/MnO = 98), ferroan olivine rim (Fa 38.3 , FeO/MnO = 80), pigeonite (Fs 26.2 Wo 19.4 , FeO/MnO = 44), augite (Fs 19.8-35.1 Wo 35.5±0.0 , FeO/MnO = 43-55, N =2). Classification : Lunar (troctolitic melt rock). The predominance of anorthite and olivine indicates a troctolitic bulk composition. The texture and apparent absence of clasts are consistent with crystallization from a totally molten state.

Link to Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

Other references:
Washington University in Saint Louis pages

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