Eric Twelker

P.O. Box 844
Port Townsend, WA 98368
(907) 723-9895


Professional Experience

1996 to Present-Meteorite Dealer, Consulting Geologist, Sole Practice Attorney-Juneau, AK, now Port Townsend, WA.

1991 to 2002-Attorney, Sole Practice / Clough & Assoc.-Juneau, Ak.

1990 to 1991-Attorney, Faulkner, Banfield, Doogan & Holmes-Juneau, Ak.

1987 to 1990-Attorney, Mountain States Legal Foundation-Denver, Co.

1972 to 1984-Mining Exploration Geologist

Academic Credentials & Honors

Bar Admissions

Public Service

Business Ventures


Twelker, State Law as a Limit on Local Regulation of the Mineral Industry, 15 Colo. Law. 1657 (1986).

This paper analyzes preemption of local regulation by state law. It is a condensation of a larger and more comprehensive study of local regulation of the mineral industry which was not published.

Note, Mountain States Tel. & Tel. v. Pueblo of Santa Ana, 64 D.U. L. Rev. 391 (1987).

This paper analyzes the Supreme Court's treatment of contracts between Indians and non-government parties.

Twelker, Defending Mining Claims and Mineral Leases in Environmental Suits Against Federal Land Managers, 66 D.U. L. Rev. 205 (1989) (reprinted in 26 Pub. Land & Res. L. Dig. 100 (1989)).

This paper is a detailed description of defenses that can be used when mining claims or mineral leases are threatened by environmental suits opposing federal land managers' issuance of leases or approval of development.

Twelker, Twenty Years of NEPA: From Decision-Maker's Aid to Decision-Maker's Dread, 25 Land & Water L. Rev. 119 (1990).

This paper, which is in a special "twentieth anniversary of NEPA" edition of the Land & Water Law Review, makes the point that sound public policy should give more discretion to the administrative agencies and less to the courts in the interpretation of NEPA.

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