Stony Iron Meteorites for Sale

A Stony Iron Meteorite is defined as being about equal parts of iron and silicate minerals (the stony part). Most stony iron meteorites can be classified as either Pallasites or Mesosiderites. This classification is more historical than genetic. Stony Irons can have very different origins.

Pallasites are rocks that originated at the boundary between the iron core of an asteroid and its stone crust or mantle. Similar rocks may exist at the boundary of the Earth's crust and mantle, about 3480 km (2000 miles) below your feet. Needless-to-say, the only place mere mortals can obtain such rocks is from space. It is fitting that they are among the most beautiful rocks on Earth.

Mesosiderites are mixtures of iron and stony material in a breccia. These are belived to come from one asteroid with a very complex history and morphology.  Mesosiderites reflect the collisional and melting events of the mesosiderite parent body.  

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Imilac, Chile

  • Type: Pallasite
  • Found 1822
  • Price: Fragments from ~$15
    Slices from ~$60

    Esquel, Argentina

  • Type: Pallasite
  • Found before 1951
  • Price: Slices from ~$30

    Fukang, China

  • Type: Pallasite
  • Found 2000
  • Price: Slices from ~$100

    Seymchan, Russia

  • Type: Pallasite
  • Found 1967
  • Price: Slices from ~$40


    Vaca Muerta, Chile

  • Type: Mesosiderite
  • Found 1861
  • Price: From ~$15

    Estherville, USA

  • Type: Mesosiderite
  • Fell: 1879, May 10 17:00 hrs
  • Price: From ~$75

    NWA 1951, Sahara Desert

  • Type: Mesosiderite C
  • Found 2003
  • Price: From ~$40

    NWA 1242, Sahara Desert

  • Type: Mesosiderite A-2
  • Found 1985
  • Price: $12/g

    Other Pallasites and Mesosiderites:


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