How to Identify a Meteorite

This is a series of eight pages. My presumption is that you have found a rock that you think is a meteorite. You want to identify that rock. The intent is that you start here and work your way sequentially through the pages. At the end you will have a better idea whether or not your rock is a meteorite--but there will be more to do.

  1. This is the starting place and the first question--you are here now.
  2. This page is for people who saw the meteorite fall--or thought they saw it fall.
  3. On this page we look at the surface of the rock. If meteorites are not too badly weathered, they can be identified by their surface character.
  4. Here we look at meteorite shape.
  5. Most meteorites will attract a magnet. This page discusses this aspect.
  6. This page discusses some other meteorite characteristics.
  7. This page shows you some things that meteorites almost never have.
  8. Here I tell you how to prove once and for all that your rock is or is not a meteorite.

Start here:

What you saw--Choose one:

I saw the rock fall from the sky
  or I found a hot rock, or a rock that had caused a fire
  or I found the rock in a crater
I did not see the rock fall from the sky--I just found a rock







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