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IRON METEORITES originate in the cores of tiny planets--asteroids that orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Seismic studies indicate that the Earth has an iron nickel core that is probably very similar to iron meteorite specimens.

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Gibeon, Namibia

  • Type: Fine Octahedrite, Of
  • Sawed and etched specimens (click here)
  • Large specimens (click here)
  • Wild shapes (click here).
  • Price: $20 and up

    Canyon Diablo, Arizona, USA

  • Type: Coarse Octahedrite Og
  • Larger specimens (click here)
  • Smaller specimens (click here)
  • Price: $25 and up.

    Odessa, Texas, USA

  • Type: Coarse Octahedrite Og
  • Large & small specimens (click here)
  • Tiny meteorites for kids (click here)
  • Price: $7 and up.

    Cape York, Greenland

  • Type: Coarse Octahedrite Og
  • Price: Check.

    Mont Dieu, France

  • Type: Fine Octahedrite Of
  • Price: higher, but reasonable.

    Sikhote-Alin, Russia

  • Type: Coarsest Octahedrite, Ogg
  • This meteorite fell in 1947--specimens are almost as fresh as they day they hit
  • Crusted (melted surfce) specimens (click here)
  • Shrapenal-like specimens (click here)
  • Cut etched specimens (click here).
  • Price: $30 and up.

    Toluca, Mexico

  • Type: Coarse Octahedrite Og
  • We try to keep cut and etched Tolucas in stock check or e-mail to find current status.
  • Price: varies--reasonable

    Henbury, Australia

  • Type: Medium Octahedrite Og
  • Moderately fresh specimens from this Australian crater field.
  • Price: Reasonable

    Page City, Kansas

  • Type: Fine Octahedrite Og
  • Beautifly etched specimens.
  • Price: Intermediate

    Mundrabilla, Australia

  • Type: Fine Octahedrite (Og)--Anomalous Iron (IRANOM)
  • Moderately fresh specimens from this Australian crater field.
  • Price: Reasonable

    Campo del Cielo, Argentina

  • Type: Coarse Octahedrite Og
  • Price: Sold out--Page left for reference.

    About Meteorite Names

    Meteorites take the name of the place where they fell or were found. For example, the Canyon Diablo meteorite was found near Canyon Diablo, Arizona, the Allende meteorite was found near the town of Allende in Mexico, the Sikhote-Alin meteorite fell in the Sikhote-Alin mountains of Russia, and so on.

    Iron is something most unusual . . .

    Iron meteorites are made of native iron metal mixed with a small amount of nickel. Outside of meteorites and man-made iron, native iron is exceedingly rare. Early peoples found meteorite iron to be useful for knives and tools.

    Iron Meteorites Are Very Rare

    Iron meteorites are extremely rare. Of all of the meteorites that fall on the earth, scientists estimate that only about five percent are Iron Meteorites. The Handbook of Iron Meteorites lists only about 275 iron meteorite finds for the United States--one of the most intensely searched countries in the world. Because they are so different from other Earth-rocks, a higher percentage are found.

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