Team Nirelle Homepage

The Crew

Our crew is mostly teenagers, with the exception of Janeann and Eric (aka Mom and Dad).

Carl Brodersen-Mast, fordeck, potato cannon. With his help, we shall avenge the various pirate attacks we've suffered in the past. Along with Matt, Carl will be a FRESHMAN at the high school... Uh oh....
Eric Twelker-Owner and usually the skipper. Famous for tacking just short of the layline, but he's outgrowing that. Also known as "Captain Bligh"
Janeann Twelker-Foredeck and halyards, but most famous for the excellent cooking on overnight trips.
Karl Twelker-Foredeck. A sophomore in high school, "The man on the flying trapeze" won the most recent JYSF regatta.
Evan Twelker-Mainsheet trimmer, tactician. A high school senior he has several years of racing experience in the local round-the-buoys races. He obtained his US Sailing sailing assistant certification in May, and has since helped teach sailing for the Juneau Youth Sailing Foundation (JYSF). With his brother Karl, he sails Club 420's in any racing he can get his hands on. (Also, since he wrote this page, he gets to make himself look really good.)
Erik Pedersen-Fordeck, trimmer, ect. Famous for his green plastic aviators' glasses and his ability to stay up late. Erik is a sophomore.
James Voelckers-Trimmer. The only person who would fish during a buoy race. He will be a junior in the fall.
Matt Voelckers-Fordeck, mast, traveler, etc. Sails 420's with the JYSF, quietly posting excellent finishes in class racing.