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Location: Antofagasta, Chile 22°30.10’S, 69°08.20’W

Found: 2017

Classification: Ungrouped Fe,Ni-metal-rich chondrite with affinities to "G-chondrites"

Description: History: Three pieces (30 g, 70 g, and 140 g) of one meteorite were found in the the desert by Mr. T. V. Kryachko, Mr. M. E. Nepomiluev, and an anonymous finder. Physical characteristics: All samples of the meteorite have a brown fusion crust. Petrography: Meteorite has chondritic texture and consists of FeNi-metal (22 -25 vol%), chondrules, and their fragments; matrix is absent. Chondrules, up to 2 mm, are PP, BO, POP, SiO2-bearing and Al-rich with clear bounaries; PP chondrules are dominant; the main minerals are pyroxene, Fe,Ni-metal, olivine and sulfides (troilite and daubreelite), schreibersite; accessory minerals are silica, Mg-chromite, anorthite, spinel, graphite and PGE-metal nuggets. Geochemistry: Mineral compositions and geochemistry: Olivine: Fa0.47±0.10 (N=74), orthopyroxene: Fs1.42±0.39Wo0.88±0.63 (N=42), (N=42), FeO-rich Opx: Fs9.33-32.48Wo0.23-4.74; diopside: Fs1.34±0.57Wo47.32±2.31; plagioclase varies in composition: An 32.28-95.04Ab4.96-65.99; mesostasis in chondrules is enriched in K2O (up to 9.18 wt%) and TiO2 (up to 6.53 wt%); kamacite contains 5.07 wt% Ni, 0.43 wt% Co, Co/Ni - 0.09, Si and Cr are below detection (<0.03 wt%); taenite: Ni -32.3 wt%, Co - 0.25 wt% ; troilite is enriched in Cr (up to 2.4 wt%); MgO-chromite is almost pure MgO-end member. Oxygen isotopic compositions: (OU) δ17O 3.763, 3.736; δ18O 6.263, 6.169; Δ17O 0.506, 0.528 permil. Classification: ungrouped Fe,Ni-metal-rich chondrite with affinities to "G-chondrites" (GRO 95551 and NWA 5492, Weisberg et al., 2015) in texture and mineral chemistry. Oxygen isotopic compositions are between those of ordinary and enstatite chondrites.

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# SG009-103 #SG009-379 #SG009-654 #SG009-1-081 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
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