For Sale IconOyo (provisonal name) Unequilibrated Chondrite Meteorites for Sale

Location: Oyo State Nigeria, north of the city of Ibadan. My source provided these locations: Ipapo in Itesiwaju LGA [Anberee Isale (Lat: N 08° 14' 25.7'' & Long: E 003° 33' 47.0''), Aba Leke (Lat: N 08° 19' 48.9'' & Long: E 003° 33' 53.9''), Anberee Oke and Owode] and Tede in Atisbo LGA (Aba Ajebandele, with coordinates; Lat: N 08° 21' 48.7'' & Long: E 003° 34' 34.6''). (The coordinates here are ones given to me by my source and may not be correct.)

Fell: April 19, 2018.

Classification: To be classified, Likely an L3. My understanding is that ASU will be doing the classifying. I had sent a sample and thin section to Tony Irving, but have asked him not to work on it.

Note: A business associate in Nigeria contacted me in early May about this fall and provided a sample. Alas, I failed to see the urgency and while I was investigating the matter, Mike Farmer and Moritz Karl announced the fall and ASU's work on June 15. In any event, I am in possession of a quantity of this material and decided to make some small pieces available prior to classification.

This is a very interesting and very pretty unequlibrated chondrite--a truly extraordinary example. The photos speak for themselves.

Prices ($20/g + $5) are as marked.

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# OYO3-31 # OYO3-6 # OYO4-2 # OYO4-3 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
Weight: 3.3 gm Weight: 3.6 gm Weight: 4.2 gm Weight: 4.3 gm
Features: Part Slice Features: Part Slice Features: Part Slice Features: Part Slice
Price: $38 Price: $41 Price: $47 Price: $48

# OYO5-01 # OYO5-41 # OYO7-2 # OYO77-7 # OYO80-9
Weight: 5.0 gm Weight: 5.4 gm Weight: 7.2 gm Weight: 77.7 gm Weight: 80.9 gm
Features: Part Slice Features: Part Slice Features: Part Slice Features:  Slice Features:  Slice
Price: $55 Price: $59 Price: $77 Price: $782 Price: $814

# OYO153-3
Weight: 153.3 gm
Features:  Slice
Price: $1538