For Sale IconNWA 8736 Howardite Ahondrite Meteorites for Sale

Location: Northwest Africa, exact location unknown.

Found: Year found, 2014 .

Classification: HED achondrite (Howardite)

Description: Physical characteristics: Single stone with weathered black fusion crust. A broken surface reveals a breccia with white clasts set in a fine-grained, light gray matrix; small (~1 mm) distinctive black CM fragments scattered throughout. Petrography: Microprobe examination of a polished mount shows a highly brecciated howardite with ~30% diogenitic pyroxenes, ~20% equilibrated cumulate eucrite pyroxenes, and ~50% equilibrated basaltic eucrite clasts. Howardite lithologies contain accessory Fe-Ni metal, troilite, chromite, silica, apatite, and ilmenite. CM2 xenoliths show moderate foliation, with scattered type I chondrules, ~70%, phyllosilicate-rich matrix, FeNiS phase, troilite. Geochemistry: Diogenite orthopyroxene Fs27.4±6.4Wo2.4±0.3, Fe/Mn=30±2, n=7; cumulate eucrite low-Ca pyroxene Fs45.7±4.4Wo2.1±1.1, Fe/Mn=29±1, n=3, cumulate eucrite augite Fs18.8Wo41.8, Fe/Mn=23, n=1; cumulate eucrite pigeonite Fs35.7±0.0Wo14.8±0.8, Fe/Mn=28±2, n=2, basaltic eucrite low-Ca pyroxene Fs61.0±4.0Wo3.7±2.7, Fe/Mn=32±1, n=8; basaltic eucrite augite Fs35.6±7.7Wo42.1±0.5, Fe/Mn=37±3, n=2; basaltic eucrite pigeonite Fs45.7Wo18.3, Fe/Mn=31, n=1; plagioclase An87.4±3.7, n=6. CM2 xenoliths: type I chondrule olivine Fa2.3±1.1, Cr2O3=0.44±0.11 (wt%), n=6; ferroan olivine Fa37.9, Fe/Mn=111, Cr2O3=0.40 (wt%), n=1; enstatite Fs1.7Wo0.7, n=1; aluminous augite Fs1.9Wo29.5, n=1. Classification: Achondrite (howardite) with three lithologies: 1) diogenite, 2) equilibrated cumulate eucrite, 3) equilibrated basaltic eucrite. Xenolithic CM2 clasts are present throughout. Low weathering grade, high shock stage.

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