For Sale IconNWA 7677 Diogenite Meteorites for Sale

Location: Northwest Africa, exact location unknown.

Found: Purchased in 2012

Classification: Diogenite

Description: Fresh specimen with cataclastic texture.  Composed predominantly of orthopyroxene (Fs24.8-25.3Wo4.8-4.3, FeO/MnO = 27-29) with accessory clinopyroxene (Fs11.2-11.3Wo44.0-43.6, FeO/MnO = 19-20), anorthite, chromite, troilite and slightly stained Ni-free metal.  Although no olivine was found in the studied thin section, this specimen is likely paired with NWA 7464, NWA 7599 and others. (Petrography and analysis by A. Irving)

Link to Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

# NWA7677-2-11 # NWA7677-2-5 # NWA7677-3-1 # NWA7677-5-2 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
Weight: 2.1 gm Weight: 2.5 gm Weight: 3.1 gm Weight: 5.2 gm
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# NWA7677-5-6 # NWA7677-17-1 # NWA7677-35-7
Weight: 5.6 gm Weight: 17.1 gm Weight: 35.7 gm
Features: Slice Features: Individual Features: End
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