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Location: Norton County, Kansas, USA, (39° 41'N, 99° 52'W)

Fell: February 18, 1948, 1656 hrs.

Classification: Aubrite achondrite

Description: (From The University of New Mexico, Institute of Meteoritics, website) "At about 4 p.m. on February 18, 1948, hundreds of people witnessed a brilliant fireball in the clear afternoon skies above Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. Several people heard loud explosions, followed by a roaring sound like the noise of a jet engine. In the smoke train behind the fireball, puffs of smoke appeared where the large meteorite that was streaking across the sky broke apart in smaller pieces. In the following days and months, hundreds of stones were recovered from a large area on the Kansas / Nebraska border, in Furnas County, Nebraska and Norton County, Kansas. The meteorite became known as the Norton County meteorite.

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"Norton County is a very rare type of meteorite known as an enstatite achondrite, or aubrite. Only one in a hundred observed falls are of this kind. This makes the Norton County meteorite a true scientific treasure.

"Enstatite achondrites are mostly made up of the mineral enstatite, which is a type of pyroxene that contains only magnesium, silicon and oxygen."

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