Learn About the Millbillillie Meteorite

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The Millbillillie meteorite fell in October of 1960--the exact day is not known--on the Millbillillie Station about 7 miles from the town of Wiluna, Western Australia.

I have posted some of the photographs of Millbillillies that we have sold.

Achondrite Meteorites--Millbillillie, Australia

#MA32-2 #MA5
Weight: 32.2 gm Weight: 5 gm
Features: The gold (pyrite) cube is one cm on a side. This extraordinary specimen has fusion crust that shows oriented flowing of the melted surface. In side the meteorite shows brecciated texture. The orange color is a calcareous crust--perhaps from sitting a pond before it was found. I am investigating removing it. Features: Millbillillies have brecciated portions and unbrecciated portions. This small piece shows a different kind of rock. If you don't believe that they can come from the same meteorite, then look at page 206 of Rocks from Space.
Sold Sold

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Handbook of Iron Meteorites by Vagn Buchwald, U. of California Press, 1976. A very complete technical description of known iron meteorites.

Let's Investigate Magical, Mysterious Meteorites by Madelyn Carlisle, Barron's, 1992. A well-done book for children-but written in a way that even adults will learn from it.

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