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Don't forget books! A good book is still better than the World Wide Web. Visit our Book Page. Rocks From Space by O. Richard Norton, is the best book for the amateur who wants to learn a bit about most aspects of meteorites. The Meteorite Market sells it at a discount.
What are the types of Meteorites?
  • composition
  • minerals
  • structure
  • classification
  • Where in space do meteorites come from?
  • Astroids
  • Planets
  • The Moon
  • What are tektites and were to they come from.
  • How and when did meteorites form in the first place?
  • The cores of planets?
  • Melted cosmic dust?
  • rocks blasted off of planets
  • What about meteor craters?
  • The Canyon Diablo Crater
  • The Odessa Crater
  • Craters on the Moon
  • What are the legends of meteors and meteorites?
  • The Ka'ba
  • omens
  • Are meteoroids a threat to life on Earth?
  • demise of the dinosaurs
  • close calls
  • How to Recognize a Meteorite
  • Size and weight
  • How they fall
  • Surface texture
  • Color
  • What about the hobby of meteorite collecting?
  • Is it legal?
  • Where are they found?
  • How are they found?
  • Can I find one?
  • How do you preserve meteorites?
  • The Meteorite Mineral Page

    This page describes the minerals most commonly found in meteorites.

    How many fall and how many are found?

    This page has a table showing frequency of finds and falls of each type of meteorite.


    Meteorite (n): A mass of stone or metal that has reached the earth from outer space.

    Meteor (n): A transient fiery streak in the sky produced by a meteoroid passing through the earth's atmosphere.

    Meteoroid (n): A small body traveling through space.

    Here are some other Web pages of interest

    The Meteorites and Impacts Advisory Committee (MIAC) to the Canadian Space Agency, a volunteer group of geologists and astronomers which serves as the coordinating body for meteorite and impact reporting and research in Canada, has an outstanding page of meteorite information.

    Nine Planets Meteorite Page, provides good linking to other meteorite sites.

    Meteorite! Magazine

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