Hammadah al Hamra (HaH) 237 Meteorite for Sale

Location: Libya, 2836'56"N 1302'95" E

Total Known Weight: 3173g in one mass.

Found: 1997 October 18

Type: Carbonaceous chondrite (CH) or "Bencubbinite" Described by Krot, et al. (2002) as a CBb Bencubbinite.

Description from Zipfel et al, 1998: "In fall of 1997 a 3.17 kg, unusually metal-rich, carbonaceous chondrite, Hammadah al Hamra 237 (HaH 237), was found in the Sahara. Chemical analyses, petrographic observations and mineral chemical analyses lead to the conclusion that this meteorite is related to metal-rich carbonaceous chondrites, such as ALH 85085 and CR chondrites [1, 2, 3, 4]. With 60 to 70 % metal, HaH 237 is the most metal-rich carbonaceous chondrite yet recovered. A Ca, Al-rich inclusion was found embedded in the Cr-, P-rich metal. The meteorite provides important new evidence for the formation of solid matter in the early solar system." This meteorite was also reported in Meteoritical Bulletin 82.

Description from the Meteoritical Bulletin 82: This meteorite has a high metal content of ~57 vol%. Other constituents are chondrules and silicate fragments. One CAI has been observed. Classification and analysis (J. Zipfel, MPI): Bulk composition: 69.6 wt% Fe, 2.48 ppm Ir, 0.14 ppm Au, 4.42 wt% Mg, 4.67 ppm Sc; for further details on grouping this meteorite with CH chondrites, see Zipfel et al. (1998a). Weisberg et al. (1998) group this meteorite with Bencubbin.

The macroscopic similarities between this meteorite an Gujba lead me to believe that this is formed by the same process. In the case of Gujba, the consensus is that this is by a large impact.

David Weir's excellent web page on this meteorite.

Grid is in millimeters

# HAH237-2-556 # HAH237-2-644 # HAH237-2-786 # HAH237-3-104
Weight: 2.556 g Weight: 2.644 g Weight: 2.786 g Weight: 3.104 g
Features:Part slice. Features:Part slice. Features:Part slice. Features:Part slice.
sold sold sold sold

Grid is in millimeters

# HAH237-5-6 # HAH237-6-1 # HAH237-76-33
Weight: 5.6 g Weight: 6.1 g Weight: 76.33 g
Features:Part slice. Features:Part slice. Features:Full slice.
sold sold sold

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