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Location: Bogga Dingare, Yobe, Nigeria, 11°29'30N, 11°39'30E

Found:1984, April 3 18:30 local time.

Classification: Bencubbin-like meteorite, CBa.

Description: >A conical meteorite fell in a corn field near the village of Bogga Dingare after a bright fireball was witnessed moving west to east and an explosion was heard. The local people hammered the meteorite into many pieces and most of the material was dispersed. The original mass is unknown, although second hand reports indicate that it had a volume of ~20000 cm3, and thus a mass of ~100 kg. Material that almost certainly came from this fall has been sold in the last few years elsewhere in Nigeria, with claims that the specimens were new finds. A preliminary description of the meteorite appears in Islam and Ostaficzuk (1988). Description (L. Karwowski), USil, based on the original mass): contains metal nodules, 1.5-8 mm in diameter, and silicate nodules 1-15 mm in diameter with fan like aggregates of pyroxene; 60% of the nodules are metal. Description and classification (A. Rubin and G. Calumny, UCLA, based on a 282 gram fragment purchased in 2000 near the village of Gidan Wire in Kaduna state): consists of large metal nodules containing variable amounts of troilite, and cryptocrystalline silicate spheroids; silicates include pyroxene (Fs1-2Wo1-3) and rare olivine (Fa3); siderophile abundance pattern in metal similar to that of Bencubbin: shock stage, S2; weathering grade W0. (From the Meteoritcal Bulletin No. 85, 2001)

Gujba is the only Bencubbinite fall.

Here are some papers on Gujba:
Gujba and the Origin of Bencubbin-like (CB) Chondrites.
Exposure history and relation to Bencubbin:
Siderophile Element Constraints on the Formation of Metal in the Metal-rich Chondrites Bencubbin, Weatherford, and Gujba
Graham Wilson's Gujba page includes description and a thorough list of references.

Link to Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

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