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Location: Gashua, Dapchi, Nigeria  12°51'N, 11°02'E

Fell: April 1984.

Classification: Ordinary Chondrite, L6

Description: History: The meteorite fall was reported by anonymous eyewitnesses to have occurred around April 1984 (about the time of the nearby Gujba fall) near the tiny desert settlement Kolomari close to the town of Gashua, Dapchi district, Nigeria. Physical characteristics: A single stone of 4162 g was recovered and broken by villagers into many pieces at the place of the fall. The pieces were stored by villagers until they were collected in 2005 and sent to E. Twelker. Petrography: (A. Greshake, NHB) The meteorite is a weakly weathered ordinary chondrite with recrystallized texture and few poorly defined chondrules. Opaque and often interconnecting shock veins are present. Mineral compositions: Olivine (Fa23.8), pyroxene (Fs20). Classification: Ordinary chondrite (L6); S4, W1. Mass: 4162g. From Meteoritical Bulletin Database.

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# GSH12-9 # GSH14-8 # GSH20-6 # GSH27-2 About Scale:  Each photo has a small one centimeter cube.  That's a little less than a half inch on a side.  The coin above is a US dime.
Weight: 12.9 gm Weight: 14.8 gm Weight:20.6gm Weight: 27.2 gm
Features: Slice of fragment with crust Features: End, 2% crust Features: Slice of fragment with crust Features: Slice of fragment with crust
Price: sold Price: sold sold sold

# GSH31-3 # GSH32-3 # GSH32-8 # GSH36-2 #GSH55-1
Weight: 31.3gm Weight: 32.3gm Weight: 32.8gm Weight: 36.2 gm Weight: 55.1gm
Features: Slice of fragment with crust Features:  Slice of fragment with crust Features:  Slice of fragment with crust Features: End, 20% crust Features: End, 15% crust
sold sold sold sold sold

# GSH59-5 # GSH107-5 # GSH194-9 #GSH634-5
Weight: 59.5 gm Weight: 107.5 gm Weight: 194.9 gm Weight: 634.5gm
Features: Fragment, polished side, no crust Features: Fragment, 40% crust Features: End, 55% crust Features: Fragment, 65% crust (largest existing piece)
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