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Location: Dar al Gani, Sahara, Libya  26º59.543'N 16º26.250'E

Found: 1999 November 20.

Type: Achondrite (howardite)

Description: A stone weighing ~ 15 kg plus many fragments within a few hundred meters (total mass, 18.8 kg) were found in the Dar al Gani region. Mineralogy and classification (J. Otto and A. Ruh, Frei): a polymict breccia with fragmental matrix dominated by orthopyroxene, and with clasts of basaltic and cumulate eucrite, diogenite, anorthosite, porphyritic melt rock, and glassy fragments; orthopyroxene, Fs14.3–62.6 Wo0.9–11.4, average, Fs32.1Wo3.4, with FeO/MnO = 31; plagioclase, An74.6–96.3 (average, An89.5) Or0.5; shock stage, S2; weathering grade, W1.

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